For years I have been in bands or been a sideguy for other songwriters and artists. I really enjoy that aspect of my musical career but this past year I made a commitment to beginning a journey of writing my own original material. The songs that I have been writing have come from my own experiences in the past few years. Some of those experiences have been positive but many have been negative. That's life, I suppose. But in those negative times we all need light bent toward us. Light of truth, The light of friendship and community. The light of meaning and purpose. My hope is that these songs can bring that light to you no matter what life is like for you at the moment. My first EP, Bending the Light will feature songs that come from my personal experiences but are broad enough that you can find meaning and light in them. Be sure and sign up to the mailing list to get the latest on these songs coming to life and how you can get them. 

You can enter an email address and get a free song demo of a song called "Rest My Soul". If you have ever suffered from depression you know that sometimes it is difficult to watch others be happy. In those times it is easy to let that situation separate you from them, even further exacerbating the depression. This is a song about releasing those people to be happy without repercussions. It's also a song of hope for those dealing with depression.

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