What About Me?

Hey there, I am a singer-songwriter, producer and guitarist currently living in Greensboro, NC. Born and raised by the ocean on the East Coast of Florida I have performed and recorded with many top notch artists including CCM artist Heather Williams, singer-songwriter Bradford Loomis, Lauren Light, and Kristopher James to name a few. Im currently writing and recording my first solo EP called "Bending the Light"

Bending the Light is a project of hope. As humans we are all going through darkness at times but there's a light of hope that is always present. Sometimes we just need another human being to bend it towards us to see it. In addition to my own songs, I have had the privilege to co-write with some amazing writers such as Bradford Loomis, Zarni De Vette, and Natalie Schlabs.

In addition to writing and performing solo work I also am a guitarist for hire and available for short tours in any genre. But wait, theres more...I am a graduate from Full Sail Center for the Recording Arts and would love to partner with you to engineer or produce your projects as well. Just drop me a message at the contact page!